Our Strategy

We seek to partner with our portfolio companies, providing capital solutions supportive of their growth.


Innovative Approach

Able to provide high-demand venture and growth capital to business-to-consumer companies on compelling terms allowing them to fund expansion plans, new locations, customer acquisition, buyouts, and recapitalization. 


Alignment of Interest

Meaningfully aligned through our investments and our processing relationship, we strive to create partnerships that lead to growth. We have flexible capital and can provide creative near-term capital solutions to our companies in addition to committing to forward funding arrangements as various milestones are reached.


Industry Agnostic  

Focused on strong business-to-consumer companies and brands, with meaningful expansion potential, whether brick & mortar or online. We look for experienced operators, with the propensity for high customer loyalty within their service or product offering, including specialty retail, food & beverage, education, health & wellness, lifestyle brands, or business services.